Song I like this week (19/05) :)

This week is a freaking busy week!!! I need to wrap up everything about my senior project, work on progress on my viral videos project, manage my job appointment, prepare for scholarship interview and find a new place to live after I graduate which will occur in 2 weeks. However, songs help me to make things fine. Let me know what is your thought of these songs.  Here is the list of the songs I have  listened to….

“I need my own time”, she said.

I understand your feeling, This semester my little brother will be a freshman in my university. Hope he will be okay.

Living in the moment

We have shared room for almost two years now – my younger sister and I.

The begining was like a wrecking marriage, a state close to battling a Cold War, we didn’t quite know what to make of each other while literally ‘dancing’ on the nerves of one another. But we didn’t say a word, we were afraid of hurting and being hurted. But too much silence is always misleading. We lived in the same room, but we felt like strangers. She missed our parents, I missed my freedom. I couldn’t foresee any compromising point. I didn’t blame anyone, I just kept bottling up and found a quiet corner at midnight to cry. I felt as if I was robbed of my liberty, my little share of living young and free, and in its place put this burden of responsibility of an elder sister.

She wasn’t socialising enough, I was…

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(My thought) How AP twitter’s account was attacked.

The Associated Press (AP), which is one of a reliable news agency in the US tweeted the shocking news in the morning of 23 April 2013. Its detail is

Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured.

It was revealed after that this tweet was false. However, it was retweeted thousands of times within minutes before AP account was suspended. It was shocked all around the world, and everyone was concerned about the security in the Social network sites.

How the AP twitter’s account was attacked is by a phishing attack. The information of AP account was stolen by the hacker who sent a fake email to AP account’s administrators and tricked them to fill the account information into the fake page (which look-a-like an official web site).

My suggestion to prevent a phishing attack, be careful in every single click. Do not click on links, download files or open attachments in emails from the unknown person. Beware of links in emails that ask for personal information. Try to exchange the personal information in person so that you can determine that the person you share your information are reliable. This is an easiest way to make your information secure!

For more information about Social Networking Security, check my latest entry here:

Social Networking Security – How to be safe, social and secure


If we are talking about Social Network, as I mentioned in previous entries that you guys share information of yours online and connect with friends on your virtual community. But who knows… that your friends online is trusty. Are they your friends in reality? I am sure that they are not. That is why security issue is concerned in Social Network.

Online Social Networking (OSN) has a huge impact for our behaviour at present. We use OSN to connect with each other, share information with friends who have the same interests. Doing those things online make people are able to search other people’s profiles. Even if we do not know each other, we are able to know their face via the photos of them that have been put online.

OSN provides us a lot of benefits for many purposes such as Marketing and Collaboration. However, OSN can be attacked by the person that is hostile on us and can cause the criminal. Since people are able to search other profiles and see other faces as I mentioned. So they know who is their target for attack. The more OSN popular, the easier ways to attack since half of OSN access via mobile phone. It is easy to spread out the attack to others.

OSN Security Threats/Attacks

  • Malware distribution
Someone send me this!!!

Someone send me this!!!

Malware can be distributed if the infected computer connect to bot and serve the ads for fake antivirus to user. Some of applications on ONS such as the third-party Facebook application may contain malware.

  • Cyber harassment and stalking

This is a kind of bulling. OSN is used as a tool to harass people online. A lot of example, especially in the US, show that people always harass others. So the result would be the worst things in the world. The video below is the video that Amanda Todd taken before her did suiside because online harassment.

  • Information “shelf life” in cyberspace

All information that we put online is like a timeline for us which is difficult to delete.

Facebook shows timeline so that everyone can go back and see what you did in the past.

Facebook shows timeline so that everyone can go back and see what you did in the past.

  • Privacy issues

All the thing that is posted shows who you are and what you do. For example, if we check in on vacation, others know that we are not in the house. It is like we tell the thief to come to our house. Another case is you post something against the policy of your organization, it can result you to be fired. The recent news from last month, there is a YouTube video showing that Manager of a famous cinema in Thailand shouting at a customer who complained went viral.

For further detail here:

How to defense with all attack?

To protect yourself from all attack, you need to use your common sense. You just….

    • Change your OSN password more often, use unique and strong ones.
    • Provide minimal personal information to a stranger.
    • Set maximum privacy to your OSN
    • Authorize all posted materials
    • Prevent URL Shorteners.

What is URL Shorteners?
URL Shorteners hides the true destination URL. So it is hard to tell where you go behind the link. For example
is now (much shorter!!!)

    • Use browser security tools for protection.
    • Finally, Think before you click!